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Shower door installation


The most important step in installing a shower door is to live carefully. Doors got to be accurately measured within 1/16 of an in. so there isn’t much flexibility for mistakes. the foremost common mistake made by homeowners and even contractors within the installation process shows over here within the measuring steps. it's vital to not measure before the tile or marble is in situ because it'll create erroneous measurements to live timely .

The next step is to plumb the walls. If the walls are off plumb you'll got to find out where the glass door must be cut larger to compensate so as to possess a decent fitting and water proof door.

The next step is to form sure your shower door has enough clearance to open correctly. Building regulations require that the door swing to open so before you put in confirm that the door can do this without banging into a wall, toilet or sink within the process.

Since there's no standard height for doors you'll got to measure and decided how tall you would like the door to be. It should a minimum of clear the showerhead to avoid messy shower overspray and have an aesthetic look.

Shower door replacement

For anyone who doesn't wish to flood their bathroom whenever they take a shower, the shower door is a crucial component of a toilet . Considering the high frequency at which humans use bathrooms and therefore the large impact a shower door has on the general look of the bathroom; it is sensible for a home-owner to personalize their shower door design to their needs. this is often where we, at Virginia Glass Windows, come in. Through our well-trained and highly-experienced employees, we make sure the highest levels of service in our custom shower door installations and replacement. Once we perform our job, our shower door will greatly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. Alongside, shower doors are easier to take care of and clean. We don’t just install the door and never show up again; we'll be there to supply spectacular repairs just in case the door gets damaged. On the off-chance that it's damaged beyond repair, we also provide custom shower door replacements. As shower doors attached to bathtubs have a minimum of as large an impression on your bathroom’s aesthetics as unattached shower doors, we also perform high-quality bathtub sliding glass shower door installations, repairs, and replacements. Get in touch!